The Human Rights Protection Program /established in 2000/ and the Human Rights Advocacy Program /established in 2004/ have been jointly implemented since 2019.

Goal: The goal of this program is to enhance the legal framework for the protection of public interests in environmental, social and economic issues, to support and empower local human rights defenders and to reduce human rights violations using national and international mechanisms.


  • To enhance the legal framework for environmental protection in accordance with the Arkhus Convention and to advocate for joining to the convention
  • To use tools to protect human rights and ensure the right to development, and to enhance the parties’ knowledge and capacity
  • To carry out strategic litigation on issues of development for ensuring equal participation of all parties
  • To contribute in strengthening the national structure and mechanism for protection of human rights, effective application and implementation of international human rights treaties and conventions, and to involve local citizens
  • To protect the rights of human rights defenders and enhance the effectiveness of civil society