The 12 Things I Absolutely Love About Being Sober

Dopamine depletion can cause apathy, boredom, and lack of motivation. To unpack some of the underlying reasons you feel bored right now, it helps to understand what alcohol does to your brain. If you’re considering sobriety, even temporarily, know that you are making a health-minded choice by going alcohol-free. It’s also a good idea to start pursuing hobbies and activities that don’t involve drinking. Ideas you might explore include local recreation centers or parks, art classes, reading, playing an instrument, or dancing.

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It also covers tips on how to deal with the challenges you’ll face on your journey to sobriety. Baldwin also pulled away from alcohol, because when he stopped doing drugs his “drinking increased.” “I’m not really the same kind of guy I was in the ’80s. I’m not the same drug addicted person,” he said, noting that he started his sobriety journey after he nearly lost his leg in a motorcycle accident in 1990. But I PROMISE you, if you keep moving forward, things in your brain will start to click. And one day, it will occur to you that you’re actually happy and enjoying your life.

Why is Sobriety a Lifelong Commitment?

  • The romance of wine clubs, scotch tastings, and “a few beers while we watch the game” is dead for me.
  • Hangover effects can cause you to miss out on even more of your life because you’re sick or in bed and unable to do the things you love or interact with the people in your life that you care about.
  • These types of rehab programs are ideal for patients struggling with chronic alcohol and substance use problems.
  • Living a drug-free life or an alcohol-free life means not only that you can be present, but that you’ll remember everything in your life in a clear-headed way.
  • Some will certainly remain, but even those aren’t necessarily long-game friendships.

Her event series called Club SÖDA NYC stands for Sober or Debating Abstinence and features panels, writing workshops, and sober retreats. As you navigate the intricate journey of recovery, understanding the stages of relapse allows you to spot the signs of… As an addiction counselor, I offer online counseling to persons struggling with alcohol, substances, gambling, and gaming. If you would like to discuss whether counseling is right for you, contact me here.

The 12 Things I Absolutely Love About Being Sober

  • It’s about cultivating a lifestyle that supports wellness and avoids any form of addiction, whether to substances or behaviors like gambling or overeating.
  • So your bold, life-improving decision to not drink will mean changes almost everywhere you look.
  • But I’m going to explore solutions for people who sit at various points along the “sobriety is so boring” spectrum.
  • The longer you stay away from alcohol and give your brain some much-needed TLC, the less you’ll feel like life is dull and uninteresting.
  • You might take a new way home from work, for example, to keep from going past your favorite old hangout.

The research indicates that 42% of participants in AA remain completely abstinent one year later, higher than the rate for those receiving other types of treatments. Acknowledging and celebrating the hard work of recovery is helpful for keeping you motivated and reminding you why you took this brave step toward sobriety in the first place. Just be sure that your rewards don’t involve drugs or alcohol. Instead, focus on things, experiences, and activities that will support your new, healthy lifestyle. For many people who don’t have healthy relationships with themselves, substance misuse can be a way to mask that discomfort. Then, they don’t have to learn how to love themselves because they’re covering their feelings rather than dealing with them.

There’s Life Beyond Addiction

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